Wellbeing Insight for Drummond HR

I recently completed design work on this new online software tool for Newcastle-based Drummond HR.

With branding and marketing design work created by my colleague Paul Robson and web development by 4pt Ltd, I’ve been working on the interaction and web interface design of the Wellbeing Insight Wbi online tool – which supports HR teams in predicting and managing their workforce’s wellbeing, providing new insight into the factors that affect the work based well-being of both individuals and organisations.

I began the project by developing software user personas in a workshop session with Drummond’s senior staff, and then shared our findings with potential clients from the public and private sectors to validate the personas and use scenarios we had developed. Working closely with the developers at 4pt, I created software functionality specifications, wireframes, design concepts and online style guide to cover the diverse range of stakeholders and their different requirements of the online tool.

You can try out the technology behind Wbi on the online demo, or contact Drummond HR to explore bringing Wbi into your own organisation.