Documentary filmmaking

I’m currently taking another of Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts‘ fabulous short courses. This one is on Documentary Filmmaking, and our tutor is the supportive, inspiring (and recently BAFTA-nominated) Tina Gharavi.

I mainly enrolled on this course to learn some practical hands-on filmmaking and editing skills, which will be invaluable in my professional design work. However the nature of our assigned project – which features ourselves as the subject, and can incorporate some element of voiceover, narrative or monologue – means that I can really see what I learn here being applied in my own personal creative practice in theatre and storytelling. It’s also giving me the opportunity to creatively explore some of the things that are happening in my life right now, which is kind of therapeutic I must say!

The photo above is a teaser for my short documentary film, which I’m now in the process of editing. We hand-in on April 17th 2013 and, depending on how it turns out, I may well post it here on my website…